09 April 2007

Fortifying Side Trip

Bad pun, I know, I know...but I couldn't help it!
Took this at Charles Fort in Kinsale (Co. Cork) and looking out to sea. It takes under an hour to get from Cork to Kinsale by bus, and it's one of the more touristy seaside towns -- but it's still quite worth visiting. Especially on a warm September day when most of the tourists are gone, but nothing is closed for the winter...which is when this photo was taken.
Check out these articles for some more info.


Curly said...

Very much like the fortified ramparts at Berwick upon Tweed, lovely picture too!

Keano! Keano!

South Shields Daily Photo

Kerry-Anne said...

So GREEN! That's really very picturesque.

annulla said...

Beautiful scene! I was once one of those pesky tourists eating my way through Kinsale, and it is among my favorite places.

Blather From Brooklyn

Chris & Deb said...

I love how the sea just seems to drop-off at the horizon!
Cool shot!