12 April 2007

Cork Public Museum

I promised (long ago) to show the Cork Public Museum. And I figured, since I've been posting bits of it, I may as well show you the whole building (if you go along the right side of the building you can find the sign and door I showed you earlier).
The museum has been here since 1910, but shut down for a while and was reopened in 1945. The buildings, however are a different story -- the white part was built in 1845 as the Beamish family home; the red is much more modern and opened in 2005 (if memory serves me properly).
They have a really good collection -- of both archaeological artefacts and historical -- so multiple visits are always interesting as there's something new that catches your eye.
Want more info? Here's a site or two that can provide it better than I can. :)

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Dsole said...

hi there!
I'm just back in Madrid from Ireland, I've been in Dublin, Limerick, Galeway but couldn'r reach Cork because it was far away and I didn't manage very well driving by the right lane!
Your counrty is beautiful and green, and Guinnes beer is dark and tasty! :)