31 January 2007

Holy Pigeons?

This was taken on the site of what was once the Red Abbey. Now it is a park of sorts...with fancy stonework designs. And pigeons, of course. :)

Studying for an exam has postponed my postings, but I should be able to get back on schedule now that it's over.
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28 January 2007

A Day in Court?

The Cork Courthouse houses both the city and county courts. The original courthouse was built in 1836 and was burnt in 1891 -- the facade survived, however. It was rebuilt (with the surviving facade) in 1895. It was refurbished in 20 months & opened again in 2005. I took this photo shortly before it opened again -- hence the fence & signs in front of the doors.
The sculpture at the top of the building is "Justice, Hibernia & Commerce" & was created by a Cork-born artist, Thomas Kirk.
The courthouse is on Washington Street and is on the edge of the most bustling part of the city centre.
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27 January 2007

Flowers in the Park

A lovely sunny day in Fitzgerald Park (well, it was a few months ago when I actually took this photo), which is in between the University and the area called Sunday's Well. It was where the Cork International Exhibition was held in 1902 and 1903. A main attraction of the park is the Cork Public Museum, which will undoubtedly feature in a later post.
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26 January 2007

City Hall

Cork's City Hall, facing the river Lee, is home of the Cork Corporations & city administration. It was opened in 1936, after the original building was burnt down 11 Sept. 1920. There is also a concert hall inside, and the Cork Pops Orchestra often plays there.

It looks much nicer, when it isn't so cloudy. I'll have to get a picture of it on a sunnier day sometime soon.

Trying to get into the hang of posting every day. It's a bit harder than I thought it'd be, but I'll get into the habit soon enough.

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24 January 2007

A Liar That Rings True

Following my early theme of churches, here's St. Anne's -- better known as the Shandon Church or the "four-faced liar." It earned this last nickname because the east & west clock faces run faster than the north & south ones. Also, for a small fee vistors can go up and ring the bells and get a great view of the city.
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22 January 2007

First Post: Welcome to Cork!

For my first post, I had to put up one of Cork's most famous buildings -- St Fin Barre's Cathedral. (As a side note: there happens to be nearly half a dozen ways to spell this saint's name.) This particular view is one that you can find on loads of postcards.

Finbarre's also happens to be one of my favourite buildings...& only in part because I live close to it. :)
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