31 March 2007

Musaem Poibli Chorcai

A close-up of the old and weathered sign outside the Cork Public Museum. That's Irish taking up most of the photo, with English below it.

30 March 2007

Green Oasis

There's a fountain in Fitzgerald Park that I knew absolutely nothing about until last week. It wasn't actually flowing, but it was still lovely. From this angle it looks very secluded, but it's actually quite central.

29 March 2007


There was a crazy hail storm today -- and this is how the car park looked in the midst of it. Thirty minutes later, however, all the hail had melted away, the sun was out and the sky was cloudless and blue.

28 March 2007

Pink Death

With life comes death. These flowers have beauty even in their last hours. Or, at least I thought it was interesting enough to take a picture of, anyway.

27 March 2007


Took a walk out to Fitzgerald Park again today for a nice walk yesterday & the flowers were absolutely amazing. I'm sure I'll be posting more photos from the park later in the week.
I'm also unsure what the flowers in this photo are, does anyone out there know?

26 March 2007

Such Blarney!

Blarney Castle is located in the town of Blarney, but it's very close to Cork city (8 km is ridiculously close), so I figure it counts to be put up here. :)
This photo is back from Christmas time, but I'm sure there are some lovely flowers blooming on the grounds right now; that and there are more blue skies these days.

Want to know more about Blarney & it's famous stone? Check out the website -- where you can see all the flowers in the garden as well.

23 March 2007

Daffodil Day

The Irish Cancer Society had their Daffodil Day today. Which meant that collectors were all over town, asking for donations and giving out little daffodil pins for donors -- the photo is of mine on my bright blue coat. They also had fresh daffodils -- in fact, I wish I had taken my camera with me when I went past the Cancer Society's charity shop because there were these two ladies out there with boxes of pins and flowers -- a nice burst of colour on such a grey day.
From the Website:
The 20th anniversary of Daffodil Day is on Friday 23rd March 2007. With your support we aim to get everyone in Ireland wearing a daffodil - the international symbol of hope - and have the country ablaze with vibrant yellow blooms and other Daffodil Day merchandise. Every daffodil helps the Irish Cancer Society provide quality care and emotional support to cancer patients and their families through our free, nationwide nursing services.

21 March 2007

It's Been Awhile...

But now that the internet is working again, and I'm back from my holiday, I figured it was time to post again. And, of course, it's been awhile since St Finbarre's has appeared here, so it's a nice way to start up again.

As a bonus, I took this whilst in York visiting a friend. Since there have been flower photos springing up all over the place, I figured I'd post one of my own. (And yes, I am aware of the very bad pun included in the previous sentence.) Once the clouds stop looking so threatening, I'll be off to find flowers around Cork...unfortunately, that may take awhile.

11 March 2007

"Where Finbarr Taught Let Munster Learn"

As promised yesterday, the Quad. :) Taken in the fall...and on a much sunnier day than we had today.
For some history regarding the university, check out the official university site...or wikipedia, which is actually just as good (probably 'cause they used the university's site for most of their info.).

10 March 2007

Modern UCC

An eerily quiet day on campus. This is one of the more modern buildings, the O'Rahilly Building. It houses the English dept., modern languages, Classical Studies and some others that I haven't run across yet. It was built to mimic the Quad (which is one of the original buildings on campus and I'll show it very soon), but with a modern twist.
This photo was taken about two years ago, and today there's a lovely wooden construction wall near the right-hand side of this photo, as they are adding an extension to the library, which happens to be right by the O'Rahilly.

09 March 2007

A Bit of Wilderness in the City

A lovely shot of the River Lee as it winds through the campus of UCC (University College Cork).
And UCC is to blame for my lack of posting, or at least one member of staff is anyway -- the majority of the work I have to do this term has been rolled into a few weeks this month...

05 March 2007

Old Sign

An old street marker on Tuckey Street. This particular marker can be found in the middle of the street, next door to my favourite place to get tea/hot chocolate, Tribes.
I think it's fairly amazing that the name really hasn't changed since at least 1761...just an "s" was dropped....

01 March 2007

The Hill Across the River

A view of the Shandon Church (last seen in this post) from across the River Lee. I think the other tower in this photo belongs to a friary, but I'm not entirely sure; it's also a lovely building, though.