24 April 2007

A Detour -- & a Rising

Today, we take a bit of a trip away from Cork and find ourselves in Dublin, in front of the General Post Office. Why? Well, today was the official start of the Easter Rising...Easter Monday, 91 years ago, anyway. Of course, all the celebrations regarding the Rising took place over Easter weekend -- it's easier & keeps it in the spirit of things. :)
I had to dig this photo out of the archives (hence the bad quality & all...that & it's at least 2 years old now). If you want a better (and newer!) photo, hop over to Belfast Daily Photo.

Loads of other links for ye today all on the Rising (because there's no possible way for me to sum it up in a short space here): Wikipedia, BBC, National Library of Ireland, Politics Wiki (has excellent picture of the GPO after the Rising) & a random history site (for good measure).

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Anonymous said...

I did see this photo at Belfast Daily Photo. I thought I had seen it before and your comments reminded me of where. The photo looks OK to me.

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