30 April 2007


Took this at the Munster Rugby match this past Saturday at Musgrave Park. Munster played the Newport Gwent Dragons; Munster won (15-7). :)

29 April 2007

On the River Wall

Flowers like these have cropped up all along the walls separating the footpaths from the river. I haven't a clue what they're called, but they seem so delicate compared to the big stones used for the walls.

27 April 2007

City Hall

View of City Hall from Lapp's Quay.
You can see my previous post of this building, or check out the history, or even see two historical photos.

26 April 2007

Customs & Commissioners

Cork Harbour Commissioners building. My map labels it as "Custom House" (and the websites agree) -- tricky thing, when the map and the building front seem to disagree.
History of the building can be found here, and an extra bit of info on the Cork Coat of Arms up in the pediment here -- if you want info on the coat of arms, check here.
Just full of links today, aren't I?

25 April 2007


Today I took a walk out to the Port of Cork. It sounds very official, and very far away, but it's about a five minute walk from the bus station (and just slightly out of the way from there to the train station). I'll be posting more from my walking adventure later in the week. :)

Also, yesterday's post showed up this morning, thanks to the internet in the apt. deciding to disappear just before midnight last night. So, do scroll down (if you haven't already) & take a little historical visit northward.

24 April 2007

A Detour -- & a Rising

Today, we take a bit of a trip away from Cork and find ourselves in Dublin, in front of the General Post Office. Why? Well, today was the official start of the Easter Rising...Easter Monday, 91 years ago, anyway. Of course, all the celebrations regarding the Rising took place over Easter weekend -- it's easier & keeps it in the spirit of things. :)
I had to dig this photo out of the archives (hence the bad quality & all...that & it's at least 2 years old now). If you want a better (and newer!) photo, hop over to Belfast Daily Photo.

Loads of other links for ye today all on the Rising (because there's no possible way for me to sum it up in a short space here): Wikipedia, BBC, National Library of Ireland, Politics Wiki (has excellent picture of the GPO after the Rising) & a random history site (for good measure).

23 April 2007

Anchor Away!

Taken in the middle of Kinsale...I'm not sure how they managed to drag such big and heavy things through the narrow streets, but it did make for a nice photo!

22 April 2007

Tip-toe Through the Tulips

A lovely Irish tulip that's been in the kitchen lately. Nothing quite like flowers to make the room brighter.

20 April 2007


It's Orange & Maroon day today in the States to honour those killed at Virginia Tech -- and this is my tribute rather small tribute in that spirit. "Forget any and all college affiliations today. For today we are all Hokies."


19 April 2007

Nearly Perfect

This lovely flower is nearly perfect - but does have a few blemishes. It's like most things in this world, if you want to get philosophical.

17 April 2007

Lazy Lee

Nope not an insult; just a lazy River Lee running alongside Fitzgerald Park -- on a sunny and lazy spring day. :)
This photo was taken looking towards town, and if you look closely, you can see the bell tower of Shandon church in between the tree branches; go on, have a look.

16 April 2007

The Number 50

Taken on South Mall.

15 April 2007

Window Art

Artwork from the Crawford Art Gallery. I don't remember what it's called anymore, but it's very lovely. I also like that this very modern work is flanked by two old-fashioned, I'm almost certain 17th century, portraits.

14 April 2007

Titanic Link

While the Titanic was built in the shipyards of Belfast, it's last port of call before going out into the Atlantic was Queenstown (now known as Cobh), in Cork Harbour. The last 123 passengers left to board the ship near this quay.
Check out the Cobh Heritage Centre & the Titanic Trail sites for more information.

Also...sorry for yesterday's post showing up late...I really need to watch that I hit the "publish" button and not the "save" button.

13 April 2007

Cork City F.C.

The Rebel Army was out in full force tonight at the match against the Shamrock Rovers (who are from the Dublin area). It was my first soccer/football (in Ireland these terms are interchangeable since we've got Gaelic football as well) match here and it was very good -- even though it was a draw. Although, City came soooo close...they were robbed of a goal or two, really.

12 April 2007

Cork Public Museum

I promised (long ago) to show the Cork Public Museum. And I figured, since I've been posting bits of it, I may as well show you the whole building (if you go along the right side of the building you can find the sign and door I showed you earlier).
The museum has been here since 1910, but shut down for a while and was reopened in 1945. The buildings, however are a different story -- the white part was built in 1845 as the Beamish family home; the red is much more modern and opened in 2005 (if memory serves me properly).
They have a really good collection -- of both archaeological artefacts and historical -- so multiple visits are always interesting as there's something new that catches your eye.
Want more info? Here's a site or two that can provide it better than I can. :)

10 April 2007

Brass and Blue

This lovely and ornate door knob can be found on one of the doors that make up the old entrance to the Cork Public Museum. That door is right next to this sign that I posted earlier. I'm also a huge fan of the bright blue door. :)

09 April 2007

Fortifying Side Trip

Bad pun, I know, I know...but I couldn't help it!
Took this at Charles Fort in Kinsale (Co. Cork) and looking out to sea. It takes under an hour to get from Cork to Kinsale by bus, and it's one of the more touristy seaside towns -- but it's still quite worth visiting. Especially on a warm September day when most of the tourists are gone, but nothing is closed for the winter...which is when this photo was taken.
Check out these articles for some more info.

08 April 2007


The golden angel on St Fin Barre's to end a week of posts on the cathedral. I took this picture this morning whilst walking past -- hence why the black fence is creeping into the bottom of the photo (it was too tall & I too short to get it out of the frame).
A very Happy Easter to those of you who celebrate it. :)

06 April 2007


One of the Victorian gargoyles on St Fin Barre's.

05 April 2007


A close-up of the statue between the main doors of the cathedral.

04 April 2007


Figures outside the main doors of St Finbarre's. I'm on a bit of a St Finbarre's kick at the moment. :)

03 April 2007


Vines climbing up an old cemetery monument at St Fin Barre's.

02 April 2007

Splashes of Colour

Back to the flowers again. :) I found these outside St. Finbarre's Cathedral.

01 April 2007

A Mailbox Theme Day

Here's a lovely example of a mailbox in a wall -- and yes, it is an old British mailbox put up during the reign of Edward VII, but painted green instead of red. Most of the old public mailboxes in the Republic are like that -- occasionally you can even see the red underneath the chipping green paint. :)

Loads of others are participating in the 1 April theme "A Public Mailbox." Check 'em out and remember that due to time zone differences and other factors, the theme photo may not be displayed until later if you are viewing early in the day:
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