04 February 2007

Three in One

The Franciscan church on Liberty Street (behind the court house). The sign is for St. Blaise -- and the curing or blessing of throats on the 3rd; his feast day (according to Wikipedia) was on February 3rd, so this would make sense.

One of the pubs on Washington Street, all decked out with (from left to right) a Cork flag, a Muster Rugby flag, and another flag with the Cork colours of red and white. I'm sure that pub was full today, since the Wales v Ireland match was today -- & the crowd left happy, since Ireland won!

Cork Harbour, as seen from the "Prom" (Promenade, fully) in Cobh -- pronounced "Cove." Cobh is a short 25 minutes by train from Cork & it was a huge stopping point for ships until World War II -- & most famously, it was the last port of call for the Titanic before it heading across the Atlantic.

Sorry for the lack of updates this weekend. I hope these make up for it. :)

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