12 February 2007

Fancy a Brewery?

The Beamish & Crawford Brewery is located on South Main Street. They used to be located in the heart of medieval Cork, right by the Cork jail -- although that was moved long ago -- and near an old city gate (which is also gone). Beamish & Crawford has been here since 1792; although brewing has been taking place on this site from at least 1650, maybe as far back as 1500. The brewery makes many of the beers associated with its parent company (such as Fosters and Miller), but Beamish Stout is brewed here exclusively. For more information, check out the Beamish & Crawford company history and this site, which features how to pull a pint of stout and a virtual tour of how it's brewed.

Also, sorry for the lack of updates recently. My internet was down for the better part of the weekend & then when it would work, it wouldn't show and blogger sites....

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