23 March 2007

Daffodil Day

The Irish Cancer Society had their Daffodil Day today. Which meant that collectors were all over town, asking for donations and giving out little daffodil pins for donors -- the photo is of mine on my bright blue coat. They also had fresh daffodils -- in fact, I wish I had taken my camera with me when I went past the Cancer Society's charity shop because there were these two ladies out there with boxes of pins and flowers -- a nice burst of colour on such a grey day.
From the Website:
The 20th anniversary of Daffodil Day is on Friday 23rd March 2007. With your support we aim to get everyone in Ireland wearing a daffodil - the international symbol of hope - and have the country ablaze with vibrant yellow blooms and other Daffodil Day merchandise. Every daffodil helps the Irish Cancer Society provide quality care and emotional support to cancer patients and their families through our free, nationwide nursing services.

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