22 January 2007

First Post: Welcome to Cork!

For my first post, I had to put up one of Cork's most famous buildings -- St Fin Barre's Cathedral. (As a side note: there happens to be nearly half a dozen ways to spell this saint's name.) This particular view is one that you can find on loads of postcards.

Finbarre's also happens to be one of my favourite buildings...& only in part because I live close to it. :)
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Lizzie said...

Finally an irish daily blog!!!!

Welcome in the daily photo family!!!


Kala said...

Aloha and welcome (e komo mai)! I did not even notice your blog until I saw a big "NEW" written on one of the blogs! I see Liz has beaten me to the comments! I was very impressed by your first photo - the largeer image really gives a very impressive feel to the place!