29 May 2007


Please, excuse the terrible pun. This building used to house an Exhaust & Windscreen repair shop -- but the shop has moved on to another part of town and no one has bought this building yet. One of the more modern "ruins" around town.

Also, I do apologise for my lack of posting. I've had some internet and computer problems lately, but it should be fixed now (well, the computer part I can promise; the internet, I can't). If you scroll down you can see some of my posts which I was able to recover and a few which I remembered to at least save the text and add the picture today.

28 May 2007

President & Lord Mayors Pavilion

From when the the Cork International Exhibition was held in Fitzgerald Park in 1902 and 1903. Or, that's what I presume it was from...it makes the most sense, anyway.

27 May 2007

Blue Door

That blue door of the Cork Public Museum, which I'm sure you're sick of hearing about, in all it's glory. You can check out close-ups of the door knob and letter slot.

26 May 2007


Some purple pansys (is that the proper plural?) from Fitzgerald Park.

24 May 2007


It's election day today -- which means soon the posters which have overtaken all available lamp-posts will soon be gone!

I wish I could give you an insight into the Irish political parties or the election process, but I honestly haven't a clue -- all I can tell you is that it looks like a lot more work than I'm used to (electronic voting and all that, counting starting directly after the polls close...I'm such a spoiled American about the voting system, I suppose).

23 May 2007

Peaceful Park

The fountain from Fitzgerald Park (last seen here). A lovely place to lounge and watch the day go by.

21 May 2007


Elizabeth Fort sits on a hill and overlooks the area near the Beamish brewery (see this post). It can be accessed from Barrack street (the road which goes up the hill) and is currently a Garda (police) station.

19 May 2007

A Peek Through the Gate

The former almshouse associated with St. Anne's Church (& located just behind the church). Now apartments, I believe.

17 May 2007

Climbing Tree?

Well, it looks like it might be. But mostly I just love how it's in the pavement. Taken at Fitzgerald Park, near the museum.

15 May 2007


An image from the archives this time around. The Cork Butter Museum gives an insight into both butter making and the history of butter making in the Cork area.

13 May 2007

Inside Shandon

Taken inside St Anne's, Shandon. I went back some months later & it said "No Photography" -- but I don't remember it being there when I went. Nevertheless, no flash was used, so it isn't that bad.

11 May 2007

"Main Drag"

Well...sort of. Patrick Street is the main street in Cork, though, since all the major shops are located on it. :)
This photo was taken at one of the several taxi stands along Patrick Street, facing two of the main department stores. On the right is the ever-so-posh Brown Thomas and to the left (the lovely domed, yellow building) is Roches Stores -- or, what was Roches before it was bought out and is now Debenhams.

One historical note: both buildings were rebuilt after the burning of Cork in 1920. If you want to know more about the history or architecture, there are plenty of resources on Patrick Street, the Brown Thomas building and the Roches building.

09 May 2007

Unusual Cork Wildlife

Dug around the archives for today's post and found this from a trip out to Fota Wildlife Park (about half-way from Cork to Cobh by train) in March. It was a very rainy day then, but these giraffe's didn't seem to care at all and just kept munching away.
The history of the park is rather interesting.

08 May 2007

An Post

The General Post Office, on Oliver Plunkett Street. Not as flashy as the one in Dublin, but it's nice enough, like. ;)

07 May 2007

The Mill

The John Young & Sons Mill, Crosses Green -- which is now the Mill Business Centre. This building is right across the river from the Beamish brewery, so I'm sure the Youngs were in business with the Beamishes & Crawfords at some point....